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Stockport Junior Tournament


There was an individual tournament held at the end of the Crewe Junior League this Saturday where 2 of our players (Gabby Chan Yi Tak and Nora Szekely) have won the title at the Under 12 Girls category in doubles, despite the fact that… Continue Reading “Stockport Junior Tournament”

Junior Sessions – 2023


Dear Parents and Carers, Please see below the possible locations and times where your child can join us: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Location WA2 WA1 WA4 WA3 Away WA5 Away Venue Warrington Youth Zone Padgate Academy Bridgewater High School Birchwood High… Continue Reading “Junior Sessions – 2023”

Result of 1st round – Manchester Junior League

Sunrise Badminton Network could launch 3 teams across 2 age groups. We have had 2 teams in the “Year 11 & under” and 1 team in the “Year 9 & under” group. All our teams fought very well and got tired at the end.… Continue Reading “Result of 1st round – Manchester Junior League”

End of Bridgewater High Juniors (6-12 y) at Appleton

Dear Badminton Parents and All, I regret to inform you that we will close the session at Appleton and will merge it with the one at Great Sankey Neighborhood Hub. The same age groups have the same options to train and have fun at… Continue Reading “End of Bridgewater High Juniors (6-12 y) at Appleton”

Manchester Junior Doubles League

An exciting opportunity arose for the ones who would like to try themselves in doubles! We are committed to entering 4 teams into the league. We are looking for 16 players who would like to compete on 3 Sundays, once every month from February… Continue Reading “Manchester Junior Doubles League”

Results of 2nd Junior Singles Tournament

The tournament we organized on the 13th of August, 2022 was a success. 35 children from Primary and High Schools from the students of the Network or Frank`s private students could try themselves against others! Most badminton sessions started to form in January 2022… Continue Reading “Results of 2nd Junior Singles Tournament”

2nd Sunrise Singles Tournament

If you have any questions about the tournament, get in touch at or below:

Junior Training at MCA


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Sunrise Performance Team


We have recently started a performance team to create a challenging environment for our best students to prepare them for league matches, tournaments and eventually to fight for a place in the county team. This is an invitational group and for future applications, we… Continue Reading “Sunrise Performance Team”

Sunrise Badminton Junior Tournament


The tournament we organized on the 13th of August, 2022 was a success. 18 children in their primary ages among Frank`s students could try themselves against others, some could try it with their parents! Most badminton sessions started to form in January 2022 and… Continue Reading “Sunrise Badminton Junior Tournament”

Birchwood High Juniors (12-18y)


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Rivalry with fair play


Dear Badminton Parents, All, We are going to hold our first-ever Junior Singles Tournament and also a Parent-Child category to find the best Male and Female players of Sunrise Badminton Network and also to provide excitement, fun, and valuable experiences. This is a closed… Continue Reading “Rivalry with fair play”

Bridgewater High Juniors (6-12 y)


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14/09/21 training follow up


Dear players, parents, followers, On our training yesterday I`ve tried to challenge all of you to try something new to keep your mindset grow and strengthen your current skillset. I have promised some videos about top-level badminton. These are fresh ones from China! There… Continue Reading “14/09/21 training follow up”

Family Badminton in Warrington


There is a new type of badminton fun around in Warrington where children and their parents can come together and enjoy a safe, fun session with Coach Frank. See the below videos to get the hint about what we call fun: There are 2… Continue Reading “Family Badminton in Warrington”

Ways to understand mindset


I have made an exhaustive post about mindset to fully describe “What mindset is?” and tried to break down some myths about it. I still believe that this is a midnight zone for most of us, so I create some posts to make it… Continue Reading “Ways to understand mindset”

Bridgewater High Juniors (12-18y)


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Great Sankey Juniors (6-12 y)


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20% off for next term


The offer We are offering coaching from the age of 8 to 18 years. These are coached, 1-hour sessions fit for school half terms* run by a Registered Badminton England UKCC Level 2 coach, Frank – Ferenc Szekely at Broomfileds Leisure Centre. This post… Continue Reading “20% off for next term”

Girls` periods vs. Badminton

The article aims to make you aware that Coach Frank has a good understanding of this part of a girl`s life and is happy to support you on your hard days. Female hormones not only affect mood and cause some pain, but they could… Continue Reading “Girls` periods vs. Badminton”

22/06/21 training follow up


Dear badminton players, Hope you could stretch out your limbs and had a nice time at the session yesterday. If you have any comments, suggestions or question, leave a reply at the bottom and I get back to you as soon as I can.… Continue Reading “22/06/21 training follow up”

Goodwill Pharma sponsoring us!


It is good news for sure to the Network that we will be sponsored by a large pharmacological company from Europe that is adamant to extend its coverage to the United Kingdom. At present, they are going to sponsor us with our annual shuttle… Continue Reading “Goodwill Pharma sponsoring us!”

A new study backs up the theory of PVD

Consciousness | Badminton-Mindset-PVD

I am thrilled to let you know that one of my findings in badminton has been backed up by science! Peripheral Visual Deception, a.k.a PVD is a real thing and for me at least, it starts a whole series of other questions around other… Continue Reading “A new study backs up the theory of PVD”

Badminton Mentality


While I am visiting social media sites, I am interested to find out what people think about all things badminton. I would like to know how people see and feel badminton and what it means to them. My gut tells me that I have… Continue Reading “Badminton Mentality”

Why you feel right after hit that your shot will be wrong or right


When I first met this sensation long before this article on Science alert, I did not understand it. It confused me really. How is that possible that I made a shot, the shuttle just left my racket and I knew it will be out… Continue Reading “Why you feel right after hit that your shot will be wrong or right”

Having a relationship within a pair


I think this is a topic we must take the courage to talk about. This can sensitively affect players’ lives but if we keep silent, even worse affections can happen in young people`s lives without any kind of narrative or control to direct them… Continue Reading “Having a relationship within a pair”

What athletes need to say about recovery


I have seen recently an informative documentary about how a predominantly plant-based diet can help you to reach your athletic performance and I realized I have seen this message before. In the first video below you can find a guy who is mad at… Continue Reading “What athletes need to say about recovery”

Support our teachers


I found an inspiring content on LinkedIn which describes the difficulties of teachers these days. I hope they can all get into a position soon which will be less challenging on the virus and more challenging on fixing the climate. Find the original post… Continue Reading “Support our teachers”

Shuttle time!


I thought I need to start creating content for the future collaborations with teachers in South Warrington. There is an international initiative called “Shuttle time” which aim to “Giving every child the chance to play for life”. In 2012 BWF launched Shuttle Time to the world.… Continue Reading “Shuttle time!”

An example of ACL tear – Carolina Marin

Carolina Marin ACL tear

Carolina Marin is an Olympic champion (2016 Rio), three-time World champion (2014, 2015 and 2018), four-time European champion and former World’s No. 1 in BWF rankings for women’s singles. She holds the World No. 1 title for a record number of 66 weeks. During… Continue Reading “An example of ACL tear – Carolina Marin”

It’s not like we are going to the Olympics, so there is no need to take this seriously


Badminton is about to find joy in playing with someone using a shuttle, the racket and all the milieu it provides. Sounds, movements, the intensity of the rally, short breath, high blood pressure, sweating, other body sensations. Those all together make it fun, exciting… Continue Reading “It’s not like we are going to the Olympics, so there is no need to take this seriously”

The central role of parents in youth sports


I would like to share an important message that comes from a coach-educator and a true believer of the parent-coach relationship which we adopt and start to promote once we can get back to the courts. Here is the part of his message: “As… Continue Reading “The central role of parents in youth sports”

A legend in numbers


I am personally not the biggest fan of any of them. I have rather enjoyed their matches and the fuss around their rivalry. But we are all different and some of you might be interested in the statistics of their achievements. In this special… Continue Reading “A legend in numbers”

Meet the trick in badminton doubles never been discussed a.k.a what PVD is?


Ever wondered during a doubles game how your opponent could be there that quick at the net? Or how they could even hit the shuttle from that position? Wonder no longer, here are the answers. What types of deceptions exist? There are 2 types… Continue Reading “Meet the trick in badminton doubles never been discussed a.k.a what PVD is?”

Layers of trust in doubles – Describing mutual trust – part 3 of 6


The end of the previous article: “If you continue using the currently failing layer, it may create an avalanche of unnecessary risk-taking and loads of bad decisions where you will lose your precious focus on the game and the most important thing makes you strong.… Continue Reading “Layers of trust in doubles – Describing mutual trust – part 3 of 6”

The layers of trust in doubles – How layers build up – part 2 of 6

The end of the previous article: “Let it happen. Accept your vulnerability and TRUST your partner`s abilities.“ About trust So what layers am I talking about? When we talk about trust, we often thinking about it as a big, intangible cloud that we have… Continue Reading “The layers of trust in doubles – How layers build up – part 2 of 6”

The layers of trust in doubles – Discovery – part 1 of 6


The other day, I was listening to a badminton podcasts where the participants have discussed that a good relationship is important in doubles between the players. I found that vague and I want to break it down to you to understand HOW you can… Continue Reading “The layers of trust in doubles – Discovery – part 1 of 6”

Golly, my child needs badminton equipment! 😱 What to buy?!

Shoe and racket for badminton

We, parents, are aware that our child could potentially try lots of sports which may require lots of different equipment before they found their favourite activity. This could be an expensive journey through the years and I would like to give you some advice… Continue Reading “Golly, my child needs badminton equipment! 😱 What to buy?!”

Random thoughts from Viktor Axelsen

Viktor Axelsen as a child and as a badminton champion

Dear parents in badminton. I strongly suggest you read the below carefully. This is a piece of advice from a world champion who has been a child and remember that a happy, emotionally balanced childhood is more important than a childhood full of pressure,… Continue Reading “Random thoughts from Viktor Axelsen”

Recover quicker, perform better – ATHLETE 365

athlete365 - badminton

Just a short post for today about a free online course created by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) about tips and good practices for quicker recovery after training sessions or competitions. They are giving out lots of useful information not limited to the adaptation… Continue Reading “Recover quicker, perform better – ATHLETE 365”

Anatomy of a badminton athlete – Marcus Ellis


I have found this video couple of days ago online and would like to share some thoughts on it. First of all, it is a state of preparedness which is achievable by other humans. You can see a photo of Marcus in the video… Continue Reading “Anatomy of a badminton athlete – Marcus Ellis”