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To Matthew


Hiya! You have asked what kind of exercises you could do away from our sessions, to make you stronger in badminton. I would turn around this question and would make a list of what needs to be strong in your body to become a… Continue Reading “To Matthew”

Manchester Junior Doubles League


An exciting opportunity arose for the ones who would like to try themselves in doubles! We are committed to entering 4 teams into the league. We are looking for 16 players who would like to compete on 3 Sundays, once every month from February… Continue Reading “Manchester Junior Doubles League”

Results of 2nd Junior Singles Tournament

The tournament we organized on the 13th of August, 2022 was a success. 35 children from Primary and High Schools from the students of the Network or Frank`s private students could try themselves against others! Most badminton sessions started to form in January 2022… Continue Reading “Results of 2nd Junior Singles Tournament”

2nd Sunrise Singles Tournament


If you have any questions about the tournament, get in touch at contact@coachfrank.uk or below:

Junior Training at MCA


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Rivalry with fair play


Dear Badminton Parents, All, We are going to hold our first-ever Junior Singles Tournament and also a Parent-Child category to find the best Male and Female players of Sunrise Badminton Network and also to provide excitement, fun, and valuable experiences. This is a closed… Continue Reading “Rivalry with fair play”

Bridgewater High Juniors (6-12 y)


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Girls` periods vs. Badminton

The article aims to make you aware that Coach Frank has a good understanding of this part of a girl`s life and is happy to support you on your hard days. Female hormones not only affect mood and cause some pain, but they could… Continue Reading “Girls` periods vs. Badminton”

22/06/21 training follow up


Dear badminton players, Hope you could stretch out your limbs and had a nice time at the session yesterday. If you have any comments, suggestions or question, leave a reply at the bottom and I get back to you as soon as I can.… Continue Reading “22/06/21 training follow up”

15/06/2021 training follow up


Dear badminton players, Hope you have had a great half term and ready to the final exams. The good news is that I have no requirement for you in terms of badminton. So you can relax on the session without performance pressure. One of… Continue Reading “15/06/2021 training follow up”

25/05/2021 training follow up

Sunrise Badminton Session - Mindset Coaching

Dear badminton players, I have mentioned couple of things for some of you on the session to look after. Some of you were a bit confused on the counting of a game and this is understandable. In order to enjoy badminton, first, you should… Continue Reading “25/05/2021 training follow up”

18/05/2021 training follow up

Broomfields Leisure Centre Junior Badminton Session

Dear badminton players, I have mentioned couple of things for some of you on the session to look after. Some of you are at a good level of fighting spirit, a good level of physical intimidation or on the road to become conscious about… Continue Reading “18/05/2021 training follow up”