Shoes are more important than Rackets

Dear all,

There are hundreds of thousands of people playing badminton weekly in the United Kingdom for the joy of movement, making friends, and having that challenge against others.

Being one of them makes me a proud supporter of the sport of Badminton.

While I am playing, I also analyze what people are capable or incapable of, so I can build up my strategy against them to win.

I am visiting many badminton communities throughout the North West of England and can say that about half of the people wear shoes, which have been made for another sport, not for badminton.

So the question is, do people know why badminton shoes are musts, and the fact that this is not a fancy trend?

Badminton shoes for players are like tires for sports cars.

It is important to buy the right tire for the right conditions, otherwise, you eventually got a puncture or the driver can lose control of the vehicle.

What is a badminton shoe and how is it different?

Badminton shoes:

  • have round shape heels, so forward movements are safe and will not snap the ankle forward
  • keep the heel low, very close to the ground level which is very important for side and backward movements to avoid rollover of the ankle
  • have side support, so the foot will stay on the sole of the shoe during side movements to avoid rollover the ankle

Running or other shoes

Running shoes and other sports shoes are made to use them moving forward. And they feel brilliant and comfortable, even for badminton for a while.

But in this sport, sideway and backward movements are quite common, and you also have to be prepared to move in any direction as your next movement.

Running shoes are increasing the chance of many types of ankle, and knee injuries from minor to major, even for beginners. If you are fit, it will happen later, when you are older.

One day you will be tired, unfocused, or both. Injuries do not select between people, so, please consider buying a badminton/tennis/squash shoe. (Sometimes you can find Top Brand shoes which could do)

There are no paid advertisements here, so if we meet again, ask for some ideas!

Enjoy badminton!


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