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Bridgewater High Juniors (6-12 y)


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14/09/21 training follow up


Dear players, parents, followers, On our training yesterday I`ve tried to challenge all of you to try something new to keep your mindset grow and strengthen your current skillset. I have promised some videos about top-level badminton. These are fresh ones from China! There… Continue Reading “14/09/21 training follow up”

Family Badminton in Warrington


There is a new type of badminton fun around in Warrington where children and their parents can come together and enjoy a safe, fun session with Coach Frank. See the below videos to get the hint about what we call fun: There are 2… Continue Reading “Family Badminton in Warrington”

20% off for next term


The offer We are offering coaching from the age of 8 to 18 years. These are coached, 1-hour sessions fit for school half terms* run by a Registered Badminton England UKCC Level 2 coach, Frank – Ferenc Szekely at Broomfileds Leisure Centre. This post… Continue Reading “20% off for next term”

22/06/21 training follow up


Dear badminton players, Hope you could stretch out your limbs and had a nice time at the session yesterday. If you have any comments, suggestions or question, leave a reply at the bottom and I get back to you as soon as I can.… Continue Reading “22/06/21 training follow up”

15/06/2021 training follow up


Dear badminton players, Hope you have had a great half term and ready to the final exams. The good news is that I have no requirement for you in terms of badminton. So you can relax on the session without performance pressure. One of… Continue Reading “15/06/2021 training follow up”

25/05/2021 training follow up

Sunrise Badminton Session - Mindset Coaching

Dear badminton players, I have mentioned couple of things for some of you on the session to look after. Some of you were a bit confused on the counting of a game and this is understandable. In order to enjoy badminton, first, you should… Continue Reading “25/05/2021 training follow up”

18/05/2021 training follow up

Broomfields Leisure Centre Junior Badminton Session

Dear badminton players, I have mentioned couple of things for some of you on the session to look after. Some of you are at a good level of fighting spirit, a good level of physical intimidation or on the road to become conscious about… Continue Reading “18/05/2021 training follow up”

Support our teachers


I found an inspiring content on LinkedIn which describes the difficulties of teachers these days. I hope they can all get into a position soon which will be less challenging on the virus and more challenging on fixing the climate. Find the original post… Continue Reading “Support our teachers”

Shuttle time!


I thought I need to start creating content for the future collaborations with teachers in South Warrington. There is an international initiative called “Shuttle time” which aim to “Giving every child the chance to play for life”. In 2012 BWF launched Shuttle Time to the world.… Continue Reading “Shuttle time!”