Result of 3rd (FINAL) round – Manchester Junior League


Sunrise Badminton Network could launch 3 teams across 2 age groups. We have had 2 teams in the “Year 11 & under” and 1 team in the “Year 9 & under” group in the final round.

Based on the previous results, the Sunrise A team in the Y11 group could end up in the following places based on our performance in the final: 4th, 3rd, or 2nd place.

So it was really a decider for them in the final. And they had achieved 2nd place!

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I want to say a massive well done to all the girls in all rounds!

That was the first time the Network appeared in any leagues and I was not aware of what kind of levels we will clash. All the girls were brave and tried to score a point against boys of the same age, which is incredibly hard. Boys at around 14-16 are much stronger and faster than girls competitors which made it even harder to achieve a point. I am so proud of them all that they came here and tried their best! Legends!

Furthermore, there was a prize in the League for the most sporting player, who has been always the best in the team selected by the opponents, after every match. And whoever Sunrise B team has played in the “Y11 and under” category, All teams across all rounds and all the matches, have selected the same player as the best in their team, her nem is Erika Pilditch! Congratulations Erika! (Spoiler alert: She received earpods)

The team members in this round are:

Year 9 and under Team:

Matthew Baird, Mia Shepherd, Oscar Jones, Kento Pilditch

Year 11 and under Teams:

Sunrise A: Oscar Lam, Karsten Lui, Oliver Maher, Alex Todorov

Sunrise B: Erika Pilditch, Penh Nicholls, Eliza Stan, Tímea Herdlicska

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  • sunrise-a-team-after-greater-manchester-junior-badminton-league-final-sunrise-badminton-network

And last but not least, here is a massive thank you to all the parents, who supported them emotionally, financially, made or brought them food (once to me as well, thank you!) and sorted out the logistics for them to be there on time.

Special thanks again to the parents who came and helped us out with registering their scores, scoring for them, and answering their questions even when I was not there. Your help is really appreciated!!!

There is nothing else left, just to make commitments for next year when we will prepare to win this league at both age groups! That is the plan, let’s see how much we can prepare for it. There will be a selection competition in December 2023, where we will see the best players of the Network on the court and decide who will represent us in the Greater Manchester Junior Badminton League in 2024.

We have 3/4 of a year to get stronger and make our technics more precise to get ready for the League Challenge in 2024. The AGM of the league will be on the 21st of May where we are going to discuss the experiences and the format for next year.

Until then, see you on the court!

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