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You have asked what kind of exercises you could do away from our sessions, to make you stronger in badminton.

I would turn around this question and would make a list of what needs to be strong in your body to become a powerful player.

The mentality is key. If you give up, because you are tired or not in the mood, you will not going to achieve a thing.

Muscles build up always starts at the head.

What I would suggest you need the most:

  • Develop Will-power
  • Strong grip – I can check it with a handshake how it is right now
  • Nice triceps, to accelerate the racket effortlessly
  • Shoulders with stamina – to keep the arms in the right position before-during-after the shots
  • Strong core body – abs, chest in front, full back, and glutes to hold the postures
  • Strong thighs with stamina for bare loads of lunges and jumps
  • Strong calves and multi-purpose trained ankles for vertical and horizontal jumps

It is crucial to train both sides, otherwise, you will have lots of different types of injuries in your back, hip, and shoulder, at the core of your body and these will also affect everything down the kinetic chain.

Strong will power

Do not start to do exercises if you do not want a strong body. You won’t make it. If you wish for it, it will not be enough to keep you in your reps.

But if you have a goal you want to achieve, preparing for the next league, preparing for the next tournament of the network, etc. then, it might happen.

There will be periods when you are focusing on it more or less, but you should not stop doing them.

Convenience is for ordinary people with ordinary skills. You can decide today what would you like to become. I like a video in this topic, but I turn off the voice as it is too much for me… 🙂

Strong Grip

Here is one way to achieve a good result. To increase finger power, use a hand expander or a rubber ring and squeeze it a couple of times a week.

But if you want to boost your forearm rotational power, you need to squeeze it and then slowly rotate your forearm. From side to side.

If your hand is now back to its original position, you can release the pressure and hold it loose. Do that 30 times in one go. Do it with your left hand as well. You will feel it tomorrow. Keep it 30 for a month, no rush.

When you feel your hand will not be tired anymore from 30 reps, do 40 or 50. in half a year, if you achieve 100, your forehand will be brutal. With some technical adjustments, it will work effortlessly.


Any kind of pushups would do.

You don’t have to do the full one, but you should learn the proper one. I suggest making the movements slow. Do fewer reps but make it slow and proper. You`ll be surprised how strong you became from these.

Let’s start doing pushups at the wall, or using a bit of an angle, like on stairs, or at a fence about chest height. Do as many reps as you can with no shakey arms.

Slowly increase the reps if the first amount is now too easy. Believe me, you won’t find a better and easier way with no risk of injuries.

Shoulders with Stamina

I have to say, this is very hard at the beginning. You feel that it is so inconvenient and tiring after just a couple of reps, you want to give up. But you won’t. You need strong shoulders, don’t you?

The above for triceps is good for shoulders but not enough. Here you need a rubber band, middle strength would do. I recommend this, and this video to do to make it more resilient for badminton.

Also, all throwing movement helps to build up and maintain a healthy shoulder, so why don’t you have a go with a dog and play distance fetching? (Joke alert)

You need stamina with your muscles, so some reps with a big weight won’t do. You need more reps and less and different stress on the shoulder.

Core Body

This is the part where I would suggest no weights as well. But what are the core muscles? Check it out here.

I recommend this video. Simple things which are so difficult to do. But it gives you the thing you need. Power and stamina.

Thighs with Stamina

Here is another part of the body which has to move a lot to develop properly and have stamina.

This has to happen for years, no quick fix for that. This is very tricky and you have to be smart.

The joints are developing slower than the muscles. As a beginner – or someone who never had done exercises like these before – you should avoid using weights, use the weight of your own body.

Here are some examples in this video, but please do not use weights as of yet.

Developing strong legs is a journey, it is not a short ride.

Calves and Ankles

Calves and ankles are the most important part of the footwork. A quick movement is always done under the knee, you have to become jumpy-jumpy!

This is where a good shoe will be inevitable to wear, please find more info here.

You do not only need strong calves muscles, but you need to make all the lower leg muscles very resilient against all possible kinds of movements.

So exercises to grow muscles are great, but after you also need to condition them to do a wide variety of movements to make them work super quickly and accurately.

After a jump, whether it is vertical or horizontal, you need to quickly find the balance of the body. It is the hardest thing to build them up. Please find some good examples here.

Wrap up

  • Some rules have to be repeated. Most exercises have to be done slowly, especially the ones unusual for your body and you are struggling to make a couple.
  • Give it time and keep the volumes down. Follow the responses of your body, if the muscle is shaky, the volume is too many.
  • We haven`t touched this here, but the consumption of proteins is important for the body to build up. You can eat more animal or vegetable proteins than you do in your usual diet. Both will work, no worries.
  • Passive rest time after hard training is also essential, so no screens, good dinner, and go to bed!
  • If you have any questions, ask during the session and you will get the answer.

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