Result of 2nd round – Manchester Junior League


Sunrise Badminton Network could launch 4 teams across 2 age groups. We have had 3 teams in the “Year 11 & under” and 1 team in the “Year 9 & under” group this time.

The team members in this round are:

Year 9 and under Team:

Sunrise A: Natalie Chan, Hygea Fung, Pov Nicholls, Kento Pilditch

Year 11 and under Teams:

Sunrise A: Oscar Lam, Karsten Lui, Oliver Maher, Alex Todorov

Sunrise B: Sean Ssuuna, Penh Nicholls, Erika Pilditch, Cherill Khoo

Sunrise C: Matthew Baird, Mia Shepherd, Eliza Stan, Tímea Herdlicska

All our teams have seen great competition with loads of challenging situations and hard rallies. The rich environment of skills and fighting spirits have also made our team change match by match.

One of our teams in the Year 11&under group came 2nd place again despite that one of their teammates could also play in a lower age group!!! Congratulations Sunrise A team!!! Please see the results of the 2nd round of the Junior League:

Greater Manchester Junior Badminton League2023
Year 11 and underCurrent PlayedMatchesGamesPoints 
team numberteam name
1Oldham A310530602
2Sunrise A28531538
5Sunrise C8401154
7Sunrise B6817347
8Oldham B74112155
Year 9 and underCurrent PlayedMatchesGamesPoints 
team numberteam name
4Fords A1101056652
5Forrest B81004330
6Forrest A 510423468
7Fords B210952623
8Markland Hill610423450

The next opportunity to fight for a good place at the end is on the 23rd of April in the Final round, at the same time and place. Cups and prizes will be presented on the Day.
I’m sure everyone will have a good time. 😉🏸🏸

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