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An example of ACL tear – Carolina Marin


Carolina Marin is an Olympic champion (2016 Rio), three-time World champion (2014, 2015 and 2018), four-time European champion and former World’s No. 1 in BWF rankings for women’s singles. She holds the World No. 1 title for a record number of 66 weeks. During… Continue Reading “An example of ACL tear – Carolina Marin”

Rotator cuff tendonitis

rotator cuff tendonitis badminton injury

What it is? Rotator cuff tendonitis (tendinopathy) is an overuse injury causing gradual onset pain in the shoulder. It is common at racket sports and badminton means no exception. How did I get that? I was about 33 y when I first experienced it,… Continue Reading “Rotator cuff tendonitis”

Badminton player`s elbow

badminton player`s elbow

What is it? Golfer’s elbow is also known as medial epicondylitis, thrower’s elbow, or little league elbow. It causes pain on the inside of the elbow, which develops gradually over time. Here we explain the symptoms, causes, and treatment of Golfer’s elbow. I call… Continue Reading “Badminton player`s elbow”



What is it? A ganglion cyst or wrist ganglion is a small lump which appears in the wrist. It is often attached to a ligament. Some are not painful, but others restrict movement and are painful. How did I get that? On my wrist,… Continue Reading “Ganglion”

Badminton injuries and conditions

badminton injury

Have you ever wondered when you felt a new type of pain somewhere in your body if it is serious or will it go away naturally? Have you had an agony when you felt you have a condition but not sure if it requires… Continue Reading “Badminton injuries and conditions”