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A new study backs up the theory of PVD

I am thrilled to let you know that one of my findings in badminton has been backed up by science! Peripheral Visual Deception, a.k.a PVD is a real thing and for me at least, it starts a whole lot of other questions around other unconscious decisions based on our visual perceptions in the sport of…


Badminton mindset

I am visiting lots of social media sites to find out what people think about all things badminton. I would like to know how people see and feel badminton and what it means to them. My observations tell me that my perception of badminton might be different than the majority. But I do not think…


Having a relationship within a pair

I think this is a topic we must take the courage to talk about. This can sensitively affect players’ lives but if we keep silent, even worse affections can happen in young people`s lives without any kind of narrative or control to direct them in such a decision. I am personally not against love or…


What athletes need to say about recovery

I have seen recently an informative documentary about how a predominantly plant-based diet can help you to reach your athletic performance and I realized I have seen this message before. In the first video below you can find a guy who is mad at nutrition and performance. In the second video, you can see the…


Support our teachers

I found an inspiring content on LinkedIn which describes the difficulties of teachers these days. I hope they can all get into a position soon which will be less challenging on the virus and more challenging on fixing the climate. Find the original post here on LinkedIn. If you enjoyed this post don’t forget to…


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