Manchester Junior Doubles League

An exciting opportunity arose for the ones who would like to try themselves in doubles!

We are committed to entering 4 teams into the league. We are looking for 16 players who would like to compete on 3 Sundays, once every month from February until April.

Every team has 2 pairs (4 players).

We need team captains and helpers who will guard the teams, registering their results on a sheet given by the Organiser. Adults are preferred for this role, so if any parents would like to help their child(ren)`s team, it would be great!

From February, within the Network, we will focus on doubles games, rotation, and the most important shots in doubles.

If your child(ren) would like to enter, then get in touch with coach Frank through the form below or on Whatsapp as soon as you can.

See full description on Facebook:

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