Our sessions aim to coach the basics of badminton. How to hold a racket, the types of shots and to combine with footwork. We will show your children how to start a rally and enjoy the game.

We aim to keep our group numbers moderate so children can get time with the coach to challenge themselves or have time for their own questions.

Current locations: Bridgewater Lower School Sports Hall, Great Sankey Neighbourhood Hub, Birchwood High School Sports Hall, Padgate Academy, Warrington Youth Zone

All you need to do:

  1. Book a place for your child using the form at the bottom of the page and wait for confirmation (await for response in 24 hours) or get in touch at sunrisebadminton@coachfrank.uk or send a WhatsApp message to Frank: 07463 633 445.
  2. After a place(s) has been confirmed, fill out a registration form here
  3. After your first session, please make your payment via BACS or in Cash if it is more convenient here

Current Sessions

Click here to see the current setup of our existing sessions.


We do not share information about payments until the child confirms interest in coming back to another session. The first session is a trial, which is free. All payments will be due after for a short period of time (like 1-2 months).


We created WhatsApp groups for every session and we prefer this way of contacting parents. Quick and easy communication makes collaboration smooth. Please contact the coach by clicking here.


Make sure your child has proper indoor shoes suitable for badminton. Click here for a useful article about badminton shoes.
We can lend rackets, and provide shuttles. We are also selling good quality rackets to our members at discounts.
Broken strings? No problem, we can restring it within a week at a discounted price.

Warming up

Prevention of injuries is our main focus so we begin every session with a light warm-up on or off the court.
We use a variety of exercises to make it enjoyable for all abilities.

Rules of the game

When the players are ready for it, we will introduce the basic rules of the game.
For every beginner, badminton feels unusual and needs time to get used to the movements, how the shuttle flies, the lights, and/or the surface of the hall.
Children need to learn how to orientate their bodies, it takes time, and they might feel embarrassed, but Frank always tries to settle all worries down.


It takes time to become conscious of themselves on the court.
Our goal is to develop their “resilience-in-trust” by making them conscious of their own choices on the court.


Tactics are for having control over the opponent`s will.
The correct mindset and the right technique can elevate children to the next level where they can learn tactics.

If you have a question, get in touch here