It’s not like we are going to the Olympics, so there is no need to take this seriously


Badminton is about to find joy in playing with someone using a shuttle, the racket and all the milieu it provides.

Sounds, movements, the intensity of the rally, short breath, high blood pressure, sweating, other body sensations.

Those all together make it fun, exciting and memorable. Minimum 2 people required to play the game means badminton is about connection.

The sport itself can create lots of connections which could eventually become a friendship. It provides lots of time together with others you will remember for life.

Through the training sessions, you will get disciplines which will help you through tough times even after your sports career.

You may not be the best in the world, but you can become the person you always wanted to be.

“We” (parents) are not doing the sport. “He” or “she” is. And remember that 2 per cent rate for NCAA scholarships?

That statistic suddenly looks like a sure thing compared to the Olympics. So, you are correct, your child is not going to the Olympics.

I say this not because I don’t think your child is talented. I say this because almost nobody’s child is going to the Olympics; so, the odds are that I am correct.

Your child takes a sport seriously to learn discipline, how to be part of something bigger than herself and to challenge herself physically and emotionally.

The process of taking it seriously is the gift of the sport. Joining a team teaches responsibility and commitment. Don’t lose that valuable lesson for your child.

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The picture was captured from the famous Japanese TV show – Hanebado.

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