Ways to understand mindset


I have made an exhaustive post about mindset to fully describe “What mindset is?” and tried to break down some myths about it.

I still believe that this is a midnight zone for most of us, so I create some posts to make it easier to digest.

Does mindset a separate thing?

Some of you would say it is a thinking technique, so it is a technique so it is a technical thing.

Some of you would say it is a strategy of how we think on the court, so it is a tactical thing.

Some of you would sense that it is none of them, it is about feelings and how we manage them.

But if I ask you about how can you describe it on the level of emotions, most of you would have a blank face, some would also try to explain it but after some made-up hypothesises, they would realize that they are as foggy about it as the rest.

I have made a diagram about it in my last badminton mindset post but I thought with my current mind that maybe I can clarify it even better why it could be ambiguous.

Mindset is a separate thing to describe your feelings on the court and turn them into something you can control to deliver consistent performance.

But mindset doesn`t stop when you leave the court so how would you describe the off-court mindset? Does that the same or something else? Do we also have another mindset we have never discussed?

Yes, we do my friends. Yes, we do.


Wot? What mindset means then?

This set of thinking methods are not limited to the court. It has a base, which is your basic thinking about everything and anything.

And why is it triangle-shaped? It has a reason, find it here.

Even now when you are sitting and reading this has your own thinking method, a unique sequence of evaluating the input you get.

It is the same or similar sequence of how you eat, thinking about your overall health, how you value sleeping times and quality, selecting your information sources, accepting people and what they say, selecting places from awful to your favourites, how you act in the dressing rooms before the training, how you act on court, how you act after a lost or a winner rally.

Mindset could mean the part of the game and also a place that includes all things of sport and life.

But if you are serious about badminton or any sports then mindset is everywhere.

It must be there at every movement you do on the streets, at every place, every bite, every classroom or off-court activity, in your bedroom at the most private moments.

No exceptions. Every little thought on-court or off-court can have an effect on every single shot.

Mindset is the way of the constant evaluation of how you think.

Different approach

Let me explain it from a different direction.

What do you call a skill? What skill means to you? How would you define skill?

If we talk about a skillset, we talk about a bunch of specific skills a person has.

This is no different when we talk about mindset.

For me, this is what it means:


A technique is as strong as it can be performed under pressure with the same quality.

When you cannot perform your personal technique properly at a competition is what I call a weak skill.

Mindset works parallel, here comes the twist.

About the above skill, how much you trust in it will determine how strong your trust in your own skill.

That is what makes the mind on that shot. Yes, every one of your shots has its own trusted methods.

If you break it, it is less likely or no longer trusted by you.

Usually, that is the first point on a match for a weak mindset owner to start physical, verbal, mental self-punishment which can manifest into yells of anger, frustrated facial expressions (eye-rolling, disgust, contempt, etc…) unfair play, disagreements, disallowed breaks of the game and so on.

It is a self-generating process that leads to a total collapse of a performance.

Most coaches suppress that topic or handle it as this is something a player can never change.

But I am sure, no player wants to be like that.

Players are frustrated because they thought they did everything for a good performance and cannot get why they are failing on court at some situations.

Wrap up

You cannot isolate mindset as it is part of every shot, every meal, every step.

Mindset is exciting. Everybody owns one and how strong is it determines a strong or a weak player.

Skills are important, so is the mindset.

Every skill has its linked mind method. There is no skill without its trusted way of thinking about it.

A strong mindset owner can be recognisable from distance so is a weak mindset owner.

Anyway, observe yourself on the court and become a better self! 🙂

And one more thing: practice present, because…

Consciousness brings success.

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