25/05/2021 training follow up

Sunrise Badminton Session - Mindset Coaching

Dear badminton players,

I have mentioned couple of things for some of you on the session to look after.

Some of you were a bit confused on the counting of a game and this is understandable. In order to enjoy badminton, first, you should experience the intensity of a game and try to find yourself in it.

The rules are important but not from the first minute. I gonna place 3 links about how we score in badminton. Please check it out and have questions on the next session.




Remember, Technique under pressure is skill. Trust under pressure is mindset.

Here is a match where you can observe how we count the scores in badminton

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask or send your question to sunbadnet@gmail.com and write “Question” into the subject section.

I wish a good break, lots of laugh and quality time together with family and friends.

See you all on the 15th of June!

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