15/06/2021 training follow up


Dear badminton players,

Hope you have had a great half term and ready to the final exams.

The good news is that I have no requirement for you in terms of badminton. So you can relax on the session without performance pressure.

One of the thing whether or not feeling it that you are getting better at what you do here which is an unforced achievement.

I only ask this, trust in your knowledge and allow yourself to make mistakes on the court. If you cannot forgive easy your mistakes, I will.

The other thing is how to move on the court while playing doubles.

It is called rotation or place finding.

It is a complex mutual movement based on self-trust while accepting your vulnerability and earn your partner`s trust by accepting their vulnerability on the court.

Like ballroom dancing. 🙂 Anyway, here is a video I suggest to see about vulnerability and also here are some matches you can check out to see how the rotation works on court for level doubles:

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