With the aim of helping as many juniors as possible, we always lack enthusiastic volunteers. Please contact us for more info.

The following positions are available

We require a DBS check for the adult roles as the club handles children and money.

Adults only roles:

We are on the lookout for someone who would like to serve this badminton community by becoming a trusted member who is reachable by anyone over the phone or at least in an email every day. Our network is covered from a safeguarding point of view, thanks to the Cheshire League. But it is always better to hire somebody local for a position like the Welfare Officer. We will pay the price of the required Safeguarding qualification, you can learn about safeguarding children and vulnerable adults from UK Coaching provided by Active Cheshire. We expect to Welfare Officer to turn up at least once a year at every location where we operate to make sure everything is right and members can find you if they have something to say or ask. Please apply below.

We are looking for an enthusiast who could be on the top of our Network and lend a helping hand to Frank as the Network`s Secretary. The role is about to generally know details of the club, provide regular feedback for improvement or help to share info about the club on the social media. The role would involve to organize AGMs and also can help to manage the club`s purchases with the Treasurer. This is a critical role of the club and it would be great if one of our Badminton Parents could join us. Please apply below.

We would like to ask for help from someone who is familiar with fundraising money for a non-profit organisation like ours. Our Fundraiser could help us to connect our club with local businesses who could donate for equipment, affiliation fees, tournament fees and prices. We are interested in most ways of fundraising but it would be awesome if we could find the support locally. Please apply below.

Adults and children roles

We are aware of the significance of every human`s carbon footprint on this planet, therefore we would like to offer an exciting volunteer role for an enthusiastic Sustainability Officer who could evaluate the club`s carbon emission, could discover all type of badminton equipment`s recycling info we use and could advise to us which way should we go to reach the carbon-neutral state by 2025. I need this info at least once a year. If you or your child is considering to apply for this role, I can help where to start and also will share my years of experience and knowledge on how to create a professional report, what are the stakeholders and how changes happen on a corporate scale. I know it is a small club but it could be an awesome experience for someone who wants to make a change. We can discuss all the conditions how this could work out but I am in need of a buddy who will tell me ideas about which things and how these things need to be changed. Please apply below.

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