Senior Sessions (Family or Co-workers)

Our sessions aim to coach the mindset and techniques of badminton. While life gives challenges, sport helps overcome them.

Family Badminton

Book a session with your friends, family or co-workers

I can be flexible to commute to your preferred leisure facility in Warrington or surroundings where you will be booking the court. The coaching session lasts an hour and there could be up to 4 people at a time. In our partner program, we can also find people keen on badminton who would like to join a session independently and requires a bit of organisation to find the right place and time for all of this small group. My preferred location is Lymm Leisure Centre but open to discussion if something else needed.


Our goal is to emphasize the importance of the mentality on the court and how is it affecting our environment, our and other`s performance. We give you tips & tools and you can decide what works out for you. Then you have the chance to practice your badminton mindset on and off the court.

Badminton jumpsmash technique


Totally tailored sessions to help you get going on the court. We can discuss the level of difficulty, intensity, complexity what you would like to train among. You can control what you want, how you want it and for how long wether it is footwork, hitting or a mix of them.

Badminton equipment


We can lend rackets and provide shuttles. However, due to COVID-19, it is recommended to bring and use your own equipment throughout the session. We are also selling good quality rackets to our members with huge discounts. Broken strings? No problem, we can restring it within a week.

Friends & Family Badminton to keep you comfortable while you leaving the comfort zone.

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