Junior Sessions

Our sessions aim to coach the basics of badminton. Grips, the types of shots combined with footwork. We will show you how to start a rally and enjoy the game while practising your badminton skills!


We start at 5 pm promptly but first, they are getting some free time before the training starts.

Warming up

Prevention of injuries is our main focus so we begin every session with a thorough warm-up. We use a variety of different warming up exercises to make it enjoyable to all abilities.

Rules of the game

For every beginner, badminton feels unusual and need time to get used to the movements, how the shuttle flying, lights, surface of the hall. They need to learn how to orientate their bodies which makes frustration. So when the players are ready for it, we will introduce the basic rules of the game.

Credit: bemethis.com


Our goal is to create strong personalities on the court. We will focus on every child to find the right attitude for them. It takes time so they must practice patience in the first place.



We love playing doubles. The correct mindset and the right technique can elevate us to the next level where we can learn tactics.

Badminton equipment
Photo by eric anada on Pexels.com


We can lend rackets safely, provide shuttles so you can worry about them later. We are also selling good quality rackets to our members with huge discounts. Broken strings? No problem, we can restring it within a week.

If you have any questions, get in touch!

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