Our Mission

Our mission is to boost up the badminton community in South Warrington and raise the next generation of talents to become a successful junior club in Cheshire.


We believe leisure badminton is the key to widening the badminton community in South Warrington. We also believe that the next generation of elite badminton players could be born and raised in the North of England. We have everything to become a powerful badminton area.


We believe that a strong partnership with local schools, businesses and councils could potentially lead us to achieve more members, decent levels and a bigger traffic among the clubs and groups. We want to keep the Network local, promote clubs and groups within. We want to support their independence. We also want to encourage people to occasionally attend other local clubs, if they cannot attend in their club for some reason. All groups and clubs are unique and it`s vital to keep their diversity.


We are conscious, if we are focusing on children`s needs, they will naturally highlight themselves through their skills as a potential player who could represent Cheshire County. Challenging and safe sessions allowing them to decide if they want to work harder or just stay on a social level. We are happy with both ways.

If you have something to say, then we would be pleased if you…

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