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If a nutritional supplement is bought from a pharmacy (over-the-counter), it is definitely permitted in sport. True or false?

Here is an anti-doping quiz to make all of you think how an elite athlete needs to consider what supposed or not supposed to be consumed to avoid a violation of the anti-doping rules of WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). Please do not cheat and test your knowledge before you see the answer below! Play true!

The quiz made by WADA, you can find it here and here for more quiz questions.

Clarification: All Samples may be stored for up to ten years and re-analyzed at any time during this period, which means previously undetectable substances may be found later on and athletes may be sanctioned and have their results disqualified well beyond the original testiTaking supplements and/or any substance is at your own risk. Many supplements contain prohibited substances. Because the supplement industry is not regulated in many countries, it is important to be completely confident you know what is inside the product. WORDS OF WISDOM: if it sounds too good to be True – it is probably prohibited! An alternative to using supplements is to adapt your nutritional program.

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