Helping our children navigate their return to sport

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I found this and wanted to reblog this brilliant return guidance to sports by Gordon MacLelland. Please find the original post here. Below you can see the first part of the article.

I am sure in many houses around the world excitement is mounting as restrictions are lifted and some sports under new conditions are starting to allow children to train again. It has been a long slog and I am sure for lots of parents and coaches this cannot come soon enough.

There is no doubting that Covid-19 will have had an impact on all of us and our children, for some in a more positive or negative way than others. As we head back towards some form of normal routine, we should not underestimate the impact it may have had on our young people.

As they return to sport, some may be very nervous about seeing people again, some maybe anxious that their performance levels may have dropped, and some may well not display the same enthusiasm that they once showed.

I am sure there will be many young sportspeople who simply will get back and soon enough fall back into their usual routine and behaviours.

We all still have a choice however and just because restrictions are being lifted does not mean that it sits comfortably with everyone. You must feel comfortable as a family that returning to your children’s sport is the right thing to do, regardless of the pressure that you may feel from others.  This is difficult I know for both parents and children, but the choice is there for you.”

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