Rotator cuff tendonitis

rotator cuff tendonitis badminton injury

What it is?

Rotator cuff tendonitis (tendinopathy) is an overuse injury causing gradual onset pain in the shoulder. It is common at racket sports and badminton means no exception.

How did I get that?

I was about 33 y when I first experienced it, it felt like my shuttler arm is weak and tired. Could not keep it up in the air for long to be ready for the next shot. My racket was hanging, reactions were slow and inaccurate. It is hard to play with. Taping can help a lot. You will still feel it but can play with it for sure. Your teammates would not say that you are injured at all! I still have this one, very hard to get rid of (if it is possible at all). I already set up my strategy on how to slowly strengthen this muscle group. Unfortunately, I cannot post any videos about how to tape it as every pain is different and there are several types of taping techniques exists to treat this diverse injury. However, if your diagnosis supports taping techniques, I would only recommend KT tape videos with Chris Harper because he professionally describes how to apply them.


If you have a good Physio, get an appointment as soon as you can or contact your coaches on the session, they can direct you to good doctors near you. Treat an injury as fast as you can is important. But if you treat it wrong, you may cause harm which can halt your badminton career for months which is a lot or can get disability for life. Be smart. If you feel acute pain or worry about your health, do not try to find it out yourself. If your Doctor advised safe to train, tell it to your coaches and they will find an exercise where you won`t use the injured body part but still doing something badminton related. Most of the cases can have a solution to training. Particularly in these times, doing exercises slow is key for fast recovery.

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