Badminton player`s elbow

badminton player`s elbow

What is it?

Golfer’s elbow is also known as medial epicondylitis, thrower’s elbow, or little league elbow. It causes pain on the inside of the elbow, which develops gradually over time. Here we explain the symptoms, causes, and treatment of Golfer’s elbow. I call it badminton player`s elbow because anybody with a bad backhand technique in badminton can get it easily.

How did I get that?

When I started to learn how to hit a big one on the backhand side I had no idea how my arm should move during the stroke. A couple of people gave me advice but it made no sense at all to me (16 y old me). So I used the whole arm with an elbow snap as a backhand which made the trick to midcourt but it never reached the rear court. As a result, I have got an acute pain and could not perform backhand with that technique for a while. Then I tried it again with the same result. And a couple of more times.

Years have flown by. Then I`ve got some videos about some Indonesian and Danish players and wanted to learn their technique. And I did it. It made everything better for sure! It brought the required strength, length without accuracy and that was fine for start. But the pain came back sometimes which made me curious. I thought I have learned the technique properly so theoretically it was hard to find out the mistake. So I used my good old kinesthesia and found out that I still fully extended my elbow during the stroke. In my humble opinion, the golden rule to avoid this kind of injury in badminton is this: Do not fully extend your elbow during the stroke. Find out more about common backhand mistakes here to stay healthy and play without pain.


If you have a good Physio, get an appointment as soon as you can or contact your coaches on the session, they can direct you to good doctors near you. Treat an injury as fast as you can is important. But if you treat it wrong, you may cause harm which can halt your badminton career for months which is a lot or can get disability for life. Be smart. If you feel acute pain or worry about your health, do not try to find it out yourself. If your Doctor advised safe to train, tell it to your coaches and they will find an exercise where you won`t use the injured body part but still doing something badminton related. Most of the cases can have a solution to training. Particularly in these times, doing exercises slow is key for fast recovery.

Find out more about the injury here:


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