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If you practice your badminton face at home in front of a mirror, while meditating, at training or at a competition, remember to feel the advance of it. Remember the reason why you do it. Believe that you can perform at a decent level because you have trained hard and now is the time to gain success. This is your time, this is your chance. Feel it, love it, live it. Badminton England has similar advice which I also love.

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So how does power affect your brain? And what relevance does it have for competing in sport?

How you think, feel, behave and subsequently perform is dominated by the hormones you release. Science has demonstrated that as we start to perceive ourselves playing well, and as we start to believe we can win, our bodies begin to release a powerful combination of performance and feel good chemicals. As success starts to hit you testosterone and adrenaline, your performance hormones, charge through your bloodstream giving you strength and alertness. You breathe deeper and provide the brain and your muscles with oxygen rich blood. Dopamine and endorphins, your feel good chemicals, give you a profound sense of well-being and you will feel less tired and more euphoric.

When you’re competing this blend of performance and feel good hormones supercharge your mindset. You can make better decisions. You find it easier to rip through the ball with complete commitment. Targets appear bigger and you will feel you have more time to get back to the ball. You will feel unbeatable.

So here’s the skill…irrespective of how you’re playing strive to maintain the same mindset (Game Face) no matter what. Strive to OWN yourself. Strive to DOMINATE yourself. Strive to stay in Game Face.”

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