Instead of statements, ask questions

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I remember my teenage career when I thought there are our Local tournaments and World Championships and nothing in-between. I`ve had lots of questions about the sport, the movements, my thoughts and feelings but have afraid to say them out loud. And there was barely anyone I could speak to about them. Hence I found Dan`s short article valuable and important to display below. I hope it could help someone on the way to becoming mentally balanced and prepared to compete in badminton and in life.

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The craft of asking yourself great questions to mediate your feelings and subsequently your behaviours…

“What does my best look like?”
“What does my best feel like?”
“What do others see when I’m at my best?”
“What sensations do I experience when I play at my best?”
“What went well today?”
“Is there anyone who’s achieved this before?”
“Is there another way?”
“If this problem miraculously went away what would it look like?”
“What if I did know the answer?”
“Is that really true?”
“Have I covered everything?”
“Am I being too extreme here?”
“Where can I find the answer to that?”
“Who can help me?”

People tend to make more statements than they ask questions. And this may well prevent them from finding the next level…whatever that may be…

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