Golly, my child needs badminton equipment! 😱 What to buy?!

Shoe and racket for badminton

We, parents, are aware that our child could potentially try lots of sports which may require lots of different equipment before they found their favourite activity.

This could be an expensive journey through the years and I would like to give you some advice on what a beginner badminton player needs.

There are essential items for a good badminton experience from beginners to advanced levels.

Get the most important things without buying tons of expensive but unnecessary kits which does not keep them safe, only provide the feeling of pleasure.


There is one thing important to buy to your kid if they want to join us. For first, you would probably say it is a racket.

But we can lend one until the child realises what he/she needs. Furthermore, it would be wise to do some research before buying any racket.

The child should try some rackets on our sessions with different weights, grips, balances to be able to find out which one suits best and get some advice from our coaches as well.

I would suggest to do not buy any expensive racket until the child gets at least 1 type of strong overhead shot.

A relatively strong swing can determine the right racket depending on the power generation method of the child.

As they are getting stronger and become more technical, you can consider buying a decent one or 2 if you can afford it.

Why two? In a competitive situation, it is vital to play with a racket having the same abilities if the string tear.

Even some professional player`s performance could drop if they need to play with a racket with different abilities as they`ve got used to.

The most important thing from a safeguarding point of view to a beginner and you might already have it at home.

It is a good badminton shoe. Badminton shoes for players are like tires for cars.

It is important to buy the right tire for the right conditions, otherwise, you eventually got a puncture, the car can slip and cannot be controlled.

So it is something to avoid. A running shoe won`t do.

It is increasing the chance of many types of the ankle, knee injuries from minor to major, even for beginners.

Most shoes designed to use indoors are relatively good, but the best would be to buy one which is designed to play badminton.

You can get a basic one from Decathlon at the price of about £30 and it will definitely do. This is an investment which pays off even in a short term journey in badminton.

My opinion is that it is more important to have one before a good racket. We can provide a racket for new starters but we are not able to do the same with shoes.

If they would like to replace badminton to another indoor sport, you already have a shoe which could be good for it. If you want more information about selecting a good shoe, click here.


We want to encourage all our parents in badminton to buy a good shoe first if the child has none good for indoor sports and leave the purchase of the racket later.

With time, we can help to find rackets with the required abilities. We also have some rackets to sell, they cost up to £30.

So a starter kit for a beginner would cost not more than £60 to have a great experience with us safely.

You can spend your money later on for them if they could reach the County level and even more if they will start their journey at the International Challenges.

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