Be the very best individual you can be on a match night

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When it is a match or a game night I am no longer worrying as I did before. I know what I can do if it goes well, I know what is the most important now to me (Health over all, I`m a father of two, a coach of this network, I need to stay healthy). I no longer want to perform at my best as it only has a little chance to happen. I can accept that. I understand mistakes will happen unconsciously and also deliberately to achieve a win. I know everybody expects a win from me but feel happiness on the court during play is simply more important that results. I can smile in and out when the opponent could fool me and admit it was a good shot. Below, Dan is making a good point and how I feel about it is this: give up the illusion of the total control, distraction will come, try to adapt and remember to enjoy the game. Feel no fear of the outcomes.

“Footballers (and competitors in all sports)…

Ultimately all you can do on match day, on game day, is to be as close to the very best version of you as possible. Some days this will be the best version…other days it won’t be quite as good. And that’s ok. Just as long as you’re striving to be just that.

So ask yourself “What do I look like when I’m at my best? What is the best version of me? What does that feel like? What do others see?

Describe this to yourself…in detail. In colour. In pictures and emotions and bodily feelings. Create an inner image of this and blow it up in your mind…making it big and bold and bright.

Then go do it…go do the detail…with passion, with focus, with determination, with resilience.

In this way you help yourself be the very best individual you can be and the very best team mate you can be. And ultimately, this is all you can ask from yourself…”

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