Why talents are disappearing and a way to keep them

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“Let’s take a young footballer (but it can be a competitor from any sport). This footballer has ability…lots of talent if you’d like to use that word. And this footballer loves the game…loves nothing more than to have a ball at her feet. And she loves playing with friends. Her team mates are everything to her…and she’s incredibly loyal. She’ll do anything for her mates! And here’s the thing. She’s in her mid teens and coaches are telling her how good she is. They’re excited for her. The sky’s the limit. This girl is gonna be great… a sure thing… But these messages are so confusing. She just loves to play the game, but suddenly she feels pressure to really WORK at her game. Coaches want to give her drills to do. They want to show her HOW she’s gonna get better. A few agents have made enquiries. They’ve told her she could have a very lucrative career. Top dollar! But this is causing some inner turmoil. Their well meaning message is making her sweat about the future. She feels like so many people are starting to rely on her ability…on her ‘talent’. And she’s scared. She doesn’t want to let them down…or herself down. So you know what she’s gonna do? She’s gonna skip training. This will reduce her anxiety. She’s gonna skip training…and that’ll feel good!”

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There is a growing impatience in current badminton empires to create the next generation of legends. But you can also feel the frustration of the spectators online that they are missing the blood boiling intensity of the game. We are having good players in every discipline, don`t get me wrong. But we should wait until the current players could become legendary. Another thing. Everybody is missing the legends, no doubt about it. And it looks like right now that no one else is good enough to watch. But this is simply untrue. I believe we do have legends currently but it looks like it`s shifted away a discipline. We do have quite a lot of women players with spectacular techniques, fighting spirit and resilience. How they play is just amazing. Is it funny that all the badminton organisation are craving for women players but #yonex only have male legends? It`s a badminton paradox! Anyway, believe in current players game style can reform and just let them enjoy their time and encourage them. Support women in badminton wherever are possible. Dear parents in badminton, please do not put unnecessary pressure on the young ones. They mean the future of this sport, their mental balance is key.

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