Remember, put mindset first in badminton

Mindset of badminton

“Remember, the key is to help a player, a competitor, put mindset first. Not second, not third…but first! This is because it’s mindset that will be the most susceptible under the pressure on matchday. The brain and nervous system will fail first before the body. Although of course this is just in my opinion! And that’s all I can do is give you my opinion. But this seems to work well with my clients…I help them become passionate about developing a framework for the mental side of the game, a passion for practicing that framework, and a passion for setting the execution of that framework as the very first objective they have come Match day. I can’t speak for others…and no doubt some coaches reading this will feel very differently. And that’s ok. I understand that. For them, in their coaching culture and coaching context, the mental side of the game isn’t paramount. And that really is cool. All I can say is I love it when I work with competitors in all sports and they say to me “Dan, I just never thought of it like this. I always knew the mental side of my sport was important, but I never considered putting it first in practice and play” And of course that may not be something for every player. And that’s fine…they’ll find their own path to wherever they want it go!”

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I love every minute of the game nights. From the moment I realise I gonna depart from home in an hour to play badminton, till the end of the session, when I do some stretches, help to dismantle the courts, saying goodbyes to fellow badders. I like the mental change I experience when I arrive, during changing the shoes, during warm-up and then during practice. It differs from each other. That`s how I can manage my feelings. If I make a bad shot, I can let hard feelings go and smile. I can apologize to myself. I accept that I am vulnerable. Also, I trust in my knowledge and my body and conscious if I try it again, it will be better. I can make it better. If someone could explain this to me when I was about the age of 10, probably I could become a much better player, a much mentally balanced person as I am today. As an adult, I still feel the importance of it, especially now, when you really need to focus on your mental resilience (#lockdown2020). So yes, I agree with Dan. Put mindset first!

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