It starts when she puts her shoes on

wang shixian badminton athlete

“It starts as she puts her boots on…before she sets foot on the pitch. It has to! It has to start early so she can build momentum…a momentum of mindset and a brain ready for problem solving. A focus attuned to flexibility. Flexible because she knows there’s an 80/20 rule out on the pitch. She knows that 80% of time she’ll play on instinct…she’ll just do it. But she also knows that there’s the 20% that other players can get so wrong…the 20% that require solution finding and mental skill. She knows that this 20% is vital for a footballer with ambition. She knows that the opposition bring with them problems to be solved…problems she’ll have to consciously meet. And she knows that her own game and her own brain can get in the way…she’ll need mental nimbleness to deal with mistakes, tough to handle moments, as well as her natural propensity to switch off. But she has solution finding and mindset sorted. How? Because she puts the mental side of the game first…she puts mental skill first! That’s her primary objective…be the best on the pitch mentally. Get into a Game Face…use self-talk and body language…leave mental space for problem solving…lead others where necessary. Quite simply…be mentally outstanding! And that process starts when her boots slip on…”

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I`d like to mention only a thing before every one of you start wearing a superhero face until it hurts. Game face is a mental state. You need to practice how to wear yours and when. And when you do not need to wear it, be you, put on a silly one if you like and enjoy life.

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