A game Face works

Viktor Axelsen Badminton Player

“It’s always the same… It really is! Time and again sports competitors underestimate the importance of having a Game Face… being deliberate and intentional with the type of personality and mental state they want to display in their performance environment. So often they can simply forget about it: “Yeah, Dan, nightmare… I just forgot about my Game Face out there!” And that’s ok… I understand that. You’re there to perform. You’re focused on performance. But, in my opinion, you have the capacity to perform in the style of your Game Face. You have the ability to execute every action in the style of your Game Face. If you so choose. And of course there are coaches who may say that this gives the player too much to think about. “Just clear your mind and play”. And that philosophy is fine. I mean, I don’t want players to over-think. But I do want players to execute with positive intent. I do want players to be in a mental and physical state that optimises their attention and their intensity so their physical and cognitive game thrives. And I do want players to manage their internal biological and psychological drivers that so often get in the way. The anxiety, the distractions, the frustrations, the self-consciousness etc I’ll whisper it and shout it…a Game Face works”

The above post is written by Dan Abrahams. Further information available at https://danabrahams.com/

How did I discover what my game face should reflect? Well, it took a couple of years to realize what kind of a player I would like to become, what kind of a person I wanna be. Every international tournament I`ve seen or have played on had changed my game face. When I have seen lots of incredibly good player styles, it has simply impressed me and I`ve naturally adopted them. In almost every year. From the age of 14 – 23. At about the age of 23 (Which is very late), I understand how to fight for a goal, how to be mentally relentless and how to solely focus on the game using my game face.

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