The uncovered narrative can end a career


“A young player…an 11 year old…loves Neymar. He watches Neymar all the time. He dreams of playing like Neymar. So he practices Neymar skills. He practices and practices. When he plays with his club team he pretends to be Neymar. And he gets better and better. Suddenly, at the age of 16 he finds himself winning a scholarship to a Premier League Academy. “Wow!” he thinks. “I’m going to work so hard at my game that I’m going to be as good as Neymar” And it starts well. He shows similar skills to Neymar, and he scores some goals as well. But then the head coach has a chat with him. The coach says “I really love your skills, but we need to get you working on your movement and positioning. We need you playing more intelligently. At first this seems ok to the player. He just thinks “Sure, like Neymar.” But as time passes, and as the coach becomes more infuriated with this player as he struggles to implement what needs to be done, so the player becomes more frustrated. The coach gets him to watch video. The coach instructs. The coach is patient one day then shouts the next day. But nothing changes. The problem? Players have a narrative…a set of beliefs about their sport that influence their behaviour. Uncover this narrative and use these beliefs to help your players.”

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How many good players with incredible skills we can see in the world of badminton who will never get to the top because of their uncovered narratives. It can cause lots of overplayed trick shots or lots of favourite situations which makes our game easy to predict. We love what we do but at some point, we need to decide if we want to change and win and or stay the same and stuck. Both will create frustration and inconvenience. I remember when I first saw Tai Tzu Ying playing on a video. She had shown incredible skills but when she got close to a title, someone defeated her. I`ve seen it many times. It was so sad to see. I`m not sure if that was the case to her. But, whatever she has struggled with, she could overcome on it and now she`s one of the most spectacular players on this planet ever had.

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