Provide space for negative thoughts and feelings

Mental preparedness can win over doubts

“It’s not a necessity to motivate players…it’s a necessity to help players motivate themselves (and each other!) Read that line. Have a think about it. A slight twist on the ordinary? A slightly different view of motivation? In my opinion a modern day motivational climate, a Millennial motivational climate if you will, is optimised when players themselves are enlisted to self-motivate and motivate their team mates. How? In many ways that will go beyond this short post, but here’s a few ideas: – Less instruction and more empowerment of players to come up with solutions (“That small sided game could have been better. John take your team mates away and brainstorm some ideas to improve. Come back and execute your ideas”) – Ask players to articulate the behavioural standards of the club and team…then assign leaders to police these – Provide space for negative thoughts and feelings…there’s nothing more demotivating than an autocracy that ignores vulnerability – Develop coach-athlete relationships by seeking out conversations daily with players. Help them with their game…help players establish meaning behind what they’re trying to achieve – Balance stretch and support on and off the pitch to tap player interest and enjoyment. Motivation emerges from both sweat and smiles.”

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The above lines are about a team where the coach encouraging players to work independently. There is only one thing can stop this good method if the players have no experience how to work independently. The coach needs to be aware of the maturity of its players and good daily interactions could potentially move this relationship fast forward.

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