The third eye of a coach

Badminton coach gives advice to its player

“You don’t know this but I saw you… …I saw you take some quiet time to yourself before the game. What were you doing? Were you picturing your Game Face like we discussed? Were you picturing the personality you wanted to be, the attitude you wanted to portray? Is that why you were able to shrug off that mistake you made in the first five minutes? Is that why you kept your head up when we went a goal down? I saw you in the warm up enacting your Game Face. I saw you moving…alert, alive and lively. I saw you setting the tone for the game ahead…demonstrating great body language…an empowering physical presence…not just for your team mates but for yourself. Because as we discussed, that’s what great body language is for, right? It’s to make the experience of being present in your body as you compete as energised as possible…as positive as possible…as determined as possible…as brutally committed as possible. That’s why you approached the game in the manner you did. That’s why you looked like you did. And that’s why you competed as you did. You used your inner pictures and your outer projection to help you to dominate yourself…to help you to own yourself…to help you to control yourself…to help you to take charge of yourself. You were in charge…”

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When I was young, about 16 years old, the game face I fell in love with was the “Barbarian”. Which is later on with the years behind me further evolved into the “Relentless expert”. For me, it doesn`t matter if I fail sometimes against a stronger/currently better opponent, but I rather go up on the court as “Frank the Hun” instead of having a blurry picture of my game and eventually become idle on the court. I have learned 1 thing here: Don`t be afraid to become the thing you think you are.

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