Tell me about you at your best

Badminton players on court

“Tell me about you at your best” “I score goals” “No…tell me about you at your best” “What do you mean?” “Tell me in detail about what you’re doing when you’re playing your best…the specific actions…the specific behaviours” “I’m making runs and finding space…I’m all over the defenders…I’m linking up with the midfield…I’m driving forward to the six yard area” “Can you see those things?” “Yes” “Now give me some action based words associated with you at your best…linked to those behaviours…like sharp, alert, alive, lively” “I’m sharp and brave” “sharp and brave…can you see yourself being sharp and brave on the pitch?” “Yes” And as the person…as the player…starts to envision the specific actions, the specific behaviours related to them at their best…as they start to picture those action based words you’ve elicited from them…so feelings start to emerge…so sensations start to rise. “Sharp and brave…can you see yourself play like that…can you feel yourself be sharp and brave…are those sensations surging through your body?” “I can…” The player…the person…can! And this is vital because high performance is so often a feeling…a personal, private feeling that is sparked by an individual’s own personal, private brand of excellence!”

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It is hard to express how do you feel yourself at you best because when it happens the first time, you really do not know what went different comparing to the previous experiences. I remember my first time at the age of 17. I was actually confused because I thought if I prepare carefully, sleep enough and practice the shots and movements, it will determine the success. But I`ve failed many times and haven`t got a clue why. Once it happened, I won a local competition and really did not understand what happened, but I remember I thing clearly, that I do not wanted to stop! So they`ve left the hall open to some of us and we could play until late night. I will never forget that night. I felt quick, strong and confident.

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