You have to create a memorable silhouette for the character you are going to play

Tom Hardy for mental development

“Tom, when you play the prince or the king, I want to see a king walk onstage before you even open your mouth. What does that look like?” This was what a teacher told Tom Hardy at school. He told him he needed to BE the character to play the character…to embody it…to enact it…to become it. To stand like it, to walk like it. Today, Tom chooses to draw the character he has been employed to play…to bring the character alive for himself. To scratch it into his brain and sketch it onto his mind. “You have to create a memorable silhouette for the character you are going to play” he said. And this is what I want for every sports competitor. I insist on it! I want every sports competitor to know with exact precision the character he or she wants to be, do and act on the court, the course or the pitch. I want them to start in this character and stay in this character. I want nothing and no one to take them away from the persona they’ve chosen…one that can deliver excellence. And if that’s being authentic then so be it. But don’t bull**** yourself. Don’t pretend that your natural temperament is the one that helps you be competitive if it isn’t. High level sport, especially in the acute performance moments, requires a character that works for you!”

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How can we help for you at Sunrise Badminton Network to create this silhouette and achieve it? You need to spend lots of time on the court to get to know yourself better, leave more time to your coach to observe your personality and your physical abilities and after couple of months we can visualize a picture of how your silhouette should look like.

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