The power of words in sport

Ratchanok Intanon Badminton Athlete

“The power of words in sport… Let’s take a word. A controversial word perhaps. Let’s take the word ‘Aggression‘. Aggression is a controversial word because it contains connotations of unfair play. Of fouling. Of injuring someone. But we can we play with the word aggression and marry it to suit our needs. “I’m going to be aggressive on the pitch. I’m going to execute every action with aggression. Every run, every movement will be aggressive. I’m going to be aggressive with my play non stop…” Of course, the use of this word can be blown out of proportion, I admit that. But the point is this…you can take any word and you can choose to act like that word if that is what is required to improve your game. You can embody a word and you can enact a word. You can carry out game instructions and processes in the style of that word. Let’s take another word…free! “I’m going to swing free” “I’m going to pass free” “I’m going to box free” “I’m going to jump free” What do these look like? What do these feel like? Sport may well be a physical endeavour. It may well be about actions and interactions. But these behaviours can be enveloped in action-based words that describe the manner in which you want to execute the behaviours. Words matter…they’re powerful!”

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This particular word Aggression is crucial on the court if you want to compete in badminton. It doesn`t mean you cannot be humble, respectful or fair. It only means you must focus on winning, yell, shout and attack thoroughly until you won the match.

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