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“A hypothesis: Our brain evolved to help us solve problems in order to survive in an unstable, outdoor environment, and to do so in nearly constant motion (thanks John Medina!) So what does this mean for sport? Here’s some more hypotheses stemming from the above statement: – The brain works in milliseconds and directs us more powerfully than we can direct it. Thus every sports competitor would do well to have a mental skills framework – The brain is constantly scanning for threats. Thus sports competitors have a tough job staying ‘on-task’, dealing with emotions and internal feelings that influence performance intensity, and finally, retaining a positive intent with their actions – The brain is constantly scanning the body for it’s capacity to ‘carry on’ functioning optimally in order to move and accomplish tasks, thus it will turn a sports competitor’s focus inwards, often (distracting them away from their competitive environment) – The brain’s frontal lobe functioning is scarce (just 4% of the brain) thus it feels hard to use this area (in order to scan and make decisions). Thus a sports competitor will often experience a drop in attention (attending to the environmental cues and clues). The brain is complex, powerful and (may well be) destructive for sports competitors.”

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In badminton, we are getting behind or into advance by making decisions in milliseconds. You can only beat your mental beasts if you know them well. Spend more time in competition or in practice, so you can build up a tactic to keep your focus on your target.

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