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I believe many of our badminton parents have seen the movie Three Amigos which debuted in the `80s where the three actors,  Lorne MichaelsSteve Martin, and Randy Newman have shown how friends could face with real-life situations. They were unprepared to go against a bandit, they lacked the skills needed in a fight, but together they could have done it. There is a method in software development which called the Three Amigos. Learn more about the method here.

In software development, a software developer, a software tester and a representative of the business called process engineer or owner collaborate to define what to do and agree on how they will know when it is done correctly. They are the 3 Amigos. They are the key to an excellent product.

Transform it to badminton development, in my understanding, the software developer is the child itself and what they are developing are their achievements and reputation. A brand which can determine their future achievements beyond sport. The software tester is the coach. Now, what software testers do? Their role is to see what scenarios were developed and how it is affecting all the other functions and the system as a whole. Their job is to find the limits of the product and see how the software behave under pressure. Software testers using limited training environments to test before they are releasing a new version of software to a live environment. The process engineer is the parent(s). What does a software engineer do? It defines what new functions we want to see here. The owner has loads of ideas about how the software should look like, act like, feels like for the end-users (to teachers, coaches, relatives, generally for the public, etc) and they hold a crucial political role in this collaboration. The other amigos’ job to describe what they can do to create this new function work in the software and also the tester can already see what challenges the software will face during testing. But a weird thing still does not let us believe that this could work. The overlap among the roles. Because there is. Over time, when we get to know each others needs, we can start thinking with the others` head and take proactive steps to make the other`s work “easier”. We need to be careful with this because if we go too far the whole process will be counter-effective. Let’s turn the above into a badminton example.

So there are 3 parties, the child, the coach and the parents. They are holding different perspectives about sport, sports achievements, their child`s performance in sport and a good method of training. They need to collaborate to achieve the desired result. The result could be various depending on what the child would like to achieve without external demand. For instance, it is an achievement if the child likes the moves on court, like the game as is, execute good shots or movements in action, win over someone under pressure or can compete on a tournament. Defining achievements and goals should be things under the child`s control. Therefore, without the collaboration of all parties, there will be frustration from one of those Amigos as they think the other making obstructions or using a wrong method of development. This article is to describe what would be the optimal role of all “Amigos” in the sport’s development of a child.

The Child

Children are the most important part of this partnership. Ideally, they will decide what sports they want to do and for how long. They naturally would like to become better and will do whatever they can if they want to achieve. But almost every situation will be new to them and most of the times they will be confused by new sensations, feelings and situations what a competitive environment could create. They will feel emotionally and physically imbalanced and they may also lack confidence. If the support from the parents and the coaches are satisfactory to them since the early years, they will perform better and better, year by year and could become high performers in badminton and their academic results could also show the same promise.

The Coach

The coach`s task is to identify the learning method of the child through the years and motivate them to contribute more time to the sport, also want to be updated of the academic results and will show a mild interest of their life but keep a healthy emotional distance. The coaches should teach the rules and the basic shots and movements of the game to give a shape to the training sessions. Later on, when the child wants to get a deeper knowledge of the sport, they will be invited to a more competitive environment with chances to compete on a tournament or as a part of a team. Coaches are also the most relevant to decide if someone has stepped up a level and need a different intensity of training. In this role patience and being determined is key, so the children will feel comfortable and can trust the coach even during the most challenging times. Warm and fair treatment is the most desired for most ages.

The Parent

I believe this is the most undervalued and abandoned role of the Amigos. However, this role has less part in this collaboration, but I believe it is equally important emotionally as the role of the coach, but off the court. Parents are the most important in their children`s lives. How they feel about their sports performance and what they say about it will determine the outcome of the children`s emotions about the whole sporting experience, no matter if the child previously evaluated badminton as a good one. Even a short communication with the coach will increase the trust in the child towards the coach and would like to contribute more time as it feels like the parent supporting it. This person will make sure about the good results and could make a decision to end the sporting activity if the child`s academic performance drops below the desired. Parents are naturally overreacting on their children`s performance outside the court and could make statements which creates struggles for them. Furthermore, it is not expected from any parents to become an expert in the sport their child does. What a parent in sport need to do is love and support their child no matter how hard it is to them to perform in school or on the court. Love sort these out.

As you can see, all the roles are important and one cannot work without the other efficiently. I hope all parties could find the right way to collaborate and we will see lots of happy developers on our courts.

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