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It happened long ago between two parents and hit social media and created a loud conversation among sports parents. Let`s see why it made them stumbled.

“A friend of mine asked me “Why do you pay that much money for your children to do sports?”

I do not pay for sport – I said.

– I pay for the moment, when they are tired but off for training.

I pay for them, to learn what is discipline and concentration.

I pay for them to learn how to save their body and health.

I pay for them to learn how to work with others, how to be a good team member, how to bear defeat graciously and how to stay humble during success.

– I pay for them to learn how to how to handle disappointments if they did not achieve their aims. But despite that, they will go back, week by week.

I pay for them to learn how to how to reach their goals.

I pay for them to respect not only themselves but their teammates and coaches!

– I pay for them to do the hard work for hours, weeks, months and at the end, they could become a champion. They may not, but have the chance to achieve that.

I pay for them to learn that success does not happen overnight.

I pay for them to be proud of their results and have long term goals.

– I pay for them to make friendships and have memories for a lifetime.

And I pay for them to be on the pitch, gym or court instead of in front of the tele.

I pay for the opportunities what sport can provide.

I believe it is a good investment…”

The reason is why this conversation made the parents stumbled online because they just started to realise the importance of sports.

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